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Welcome to CAPS at The University of Alabama

The Center for Advanced Public Safety is a research and development center at The University of Alabama dedicated to the use of information technology to positively impact society. Our research and development activities have been centered on the application of novel technology to public and transportation safety, but our work transcends these areas into health care and social services – all areas where we can have substantial societal impact and improve the lives of citizens of our State, Nation and World.

We are all about creative work with cutting edge technology – we build software and hardware solutions for our sponsors, but we also provide a research platform that is highly interdisciplinary and spans engineering, social sciences and business. Faculty from a variety of disciplines at The University of Alabama work on numerous research projects, and our Center faculty team with Centers from other universities in the Southeast on a variety of projects, notably including Georgia Tech, Mississippi State University and Harding University. Our software is used in all 50 states and has changed the way that law enforcement, traffic engineers and many other disciplines conduct business, resulting in more crimes being solved, more lives being saved on the highways and more people receiving access to vital social services from all segments of society.

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Allen Parrish

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The Center for Advanced Public Safety will engage in research and innovative software development to make society and the world a safer and better place in which to live.