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CAPS has developed some of the most advanced software systems that exist. Being housed in a computer science department, we have access to software design and development experts who constantly stay abreast of the most recent technologies that are available. We are constantly innovating new software – and we are doing so by implementing the best ideas of our partners, as well as contributing new ideas of our and leading edge direction to each of our projects.


Alabama Communications and Operations Portal, the unique information system for law enforcement information within Alabama. AlaCOP is the umbrella system for a host of information and security systems, including the Active Directory Authentication and Processing Tool (ADAPT), and the Law Enforcement Tactical System (LETS). These systems provide access for all law enforcement officers in Alabama to common information needed to conduct police business, and provide secure logon and user administration on a statewide basis – for all police agencies in the state. This work is in support of the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center, which is a state leader for the promulgation of police technology along with the close collaboration of CAPS.


The Critical Analysis Reporting Environment uses advanced analytical and statistical techniques to generate valuable information directly from data. By following the step-by-step menus outlined on the screen, users find CARE extremely easy to use and extremely enlightening in turning their data into useful information. CARE provides descriptive statistics, information mining, geographical information system access and roadway engineering support. CARE also provides dashboard support, including access to real-time statistics on key law enforcement systems – traffic citations, crash reports, criminal incident reports, and other critical systems for which we have developed field data capture software. These dashboards have been deployed for police agencies, traffic engineers and other traffic safety stakeholders.


Electronic Citations Generation and Processing System. This is a complete system that fits within the Mobile Officer’s Virtual Environment (MOVE), enabling officers to easily generate citations in a matter of minutes, validate the defendant’s identity and view their previous records, upload the citation and electronically “swear” to the citations at District courts. A full suite of administrative tools is also available to support the electronic filing of citations with the court system, as well as the backend processing and archiving of the citation data.


An electronic traffic crash reporting and transmission procedure developed by CAPS working under the direction and close collaboration of the Alabama Department of Public Safety. This system provides all of the tools needed to support the preparation of the crash form including both crash location functionality and crash diagram support. A full suite of administrative tools is also available to support the needed backend processing of crash forms and the approval and archiving of the crash data.

FMCSA Mobile Client Application (MCA)

This is a major effort sponsored by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to replace a number of concurrently existing systems for audits and inspections with one field application. All users will perform their work tasks from a single log-in entry page that provides access to all of the existing functionality of the various systems. At the same time, the opportunity is being taken to generally upgrade the application technologies to generate additional benefits, to enable them to become more effectively interoperable, and to provide the capability for all of them to synchronize with the FMCSA Portal. This improved technology and consolidation of functionality will speed response to evolving business requirements, significantly expand IT delivery capabilities, and reduce IT operation and maintenance costs.

Social Services Software

In the past few years, CAPS has unveiled MyAlabama.gov, an online portal that operates in tandem with the State of Alabama Web portal to provide online access to basic state services. This portal has been used to increase accessibility of state assistance services to underserved populations – including food assistance, health insurance for indigent children, as well as the new Alabama Health Insurance Exchange. This portal continues to be expanded to provide an ever expanding array of services to a population that has been historically underserved.


Secure Homeland Access and Reporting Environment, a web portal developed with support of the US Department of Homeland Security (USDHS). Its major goal is to establish the critical missing link between State/Federal homeland security officials and field officers. Field officers are defined within this context to be all federal, state, local agency and private sector security officers who may be in situations where they might observe terrorist activity. While SHARE is strictly for interactions between law enforcement and the state’s Fusion Center, a companion portal, called the Portal to Uphold a Secure Homeland (PUSH), was also developed as part of this project to support private sector security personnel who oversee critical infrastructure.


UCR Local Template for Reporting and Analysis (ULTRA), a system to assist local agencies in creating and submitting their Uniform Crime Reports. In late 2008, the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center (ACJIC) unveiled ULTRA, a software system that was developed by the Center for Advanced Public Safety with their close guidance and sponsorship. ULTRA is a smart-client software application that allows agencies to create and submit Alabama Uniform Incident Offense (IO) and Arrest reports to ACJIC via the Internet. ULTRA offers a no-cost solution to agencies who wish to be able to enter, search and retrieve state IO, Arrest and Supplement Reports.


Geographical Information Systems (GIS) – CAPS has dedicated considerable resources to bringing the production of GIS visualizations to the broadest base of users possible. For example, a map of the current hotspot is automatically produced during the CARE hotspot analysis without any user intervention. Maps of any combination of hotspots (e.g., all those on a given route, statewide, specified routes, etc.) can be generated with two or three easy mouse clicks. Specialized mapping systems (called CAPS Maps), including easy filtering and on-screen time and day of the week specification, have been produced for high crash locations, high crash counties, and high citation concentration locations and areas. Another tool, PatrolSim produces an optimized route for officers to cover on a given day to maximize the number of worst hotspots encountered. Finally, a specialized tool has been developed for the Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACT) program. CAPS is also the major leader in the country in integrating standardized GIS packages (e.g., ESRI and Geomedia) into its analytical packages so that users do not have to be experts in these packages to use them.